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Need a new longboard and some parts for your BMX? Well now you can kill two birds with one stone by heading down to our new shop located at 712 S 4th Street in downtown Philadelphia, the only shop in the city to offer both. We also carry all of your mountain bike, freeride and downhill needs!

Community Bikes and Boards is all about giving back to the “Community” and this rad city we grew up in!

“In order to capture a city, first capture the heart of the people” - Fortune cookie, 2009.

Community Loot – For every $200 any 6th-12th grader spends at the shop they will receive one FREE HOUR of skills clinic on their bike or board, instructional on how to fix your bike or board, art lesson, or music lesson.

To all of my fellow bar/restaurant, or hair-did “industry people” and college students (been there done that): please know you will receive 15% off all soft goods, and 5% off all hard goods. Please bring a valid pay stub, or school id. If you look nothing like the person in the college ID (15lbs heavier, tons of gray hair, or no hair) we’re going to guess your not in college anymore.

If any of the above is not enough to get you down here, just come on down and hang out with us and let us know what you want out of your local bikes and boards shop.

Thanks to everyone out there that helped me putting this dream together! My family, who I would be nothing without, my boys that helped me build this thing, and my love, the bean that had to put up with me during the whole process!