I’m in Georgia enjoying the beautiful weather and positive vibes.
My flight got delayed about an Hour yesterday due to rain storm in atlanta. I slept for a good portion of the flight. Then I took the Marta train to north springs. Chadd Hall and Alex Bangnoi (from France) picked me up from the train station. It was a very welcoming greeting from the both of them.
I’m staying at Chadd and Georgias house in sugar hill, Georgia. Moonshine country well back in the day haha. On our way back from the marta train station We were about 1/2 mile in the middle of the road. Traffic was stopped. Chadd,Alex and I along with 4 other guys moved the small tree out of the road. We arrived to the house around 9:15 or so… It was good to see Georgia Hall, True southern hospitality!
Laura Hatwell (from UK) was a sleep when we got back to the house, she had a 9th flight from across the pond. We got to meet in the morning. Chadd,Alex,Laura and I went to Dicks sporting goods and REI to get some last minute gear. Then stopped st Walmart for some more stuff.

When we returned to the Hall resident the crew from Bustin NYC had arrived. Jeff Vyain,Maribeth,Cami,Andre Hippix, along with the MAD Russian Sasha popper were chilln at the house. They drove straight threw the night down from NYC. We all went out for a skate in the neighborhood and a local park. Gotta say the weather is gorgeous..!

Gotta say with having 25 prompt in the house most is pretty awesome. The Halls really know how to host 22 racers in one house. They have helped organize sleeping arragments and transportation. They have also cooked a great meal for us this evening.
It’s great to see all my friends and seeing new faces. Really good vibes going on here !
I’m stoked to be sore for this 188 miles.
Tomorrow is the start of the 3 day race. I am skating the 1st day (40miles) in remembrance of Bob Marley, he passed on may 11th in 1981.
One Love.

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