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Hey Ya’ll Earl the Pearl coming to you from Ventura, California chilln not even a block away from the Beach……jus Straight iLLiN….

So we have had a lot of great events for this year. The scene/sport is growing !  I view it as the Culture of our Passions Expanding into one another and growing outward from ourselves…!

I will start off with the Broad Street Bomb 2012 that was on May 5th.

Matt M and I started skating together 3 years ago. We skated pretty regularly every week. From that we began to meet an skate with more longboarders. Matt heads the Philadelphia Longboarding page on facebook, he would post session on the regular! Matt talked about doing a push race called the “Broad Street Bomb” for Philly, i said to him….. Hellzzzzz yeaa man lets do this ! So Last year was the first Broad street bomb and it was a good turn out. Matt and I had talked about doing it again this past year and so it happened….. Matt was busy with School and work! I had some free time on my hands to help him a lot more this year and with Training for Chief Ladgia Silver Comet SK8 188 mile challenge, which was the weekend after the Broad Street Bomb. We had discussed making it longer than last years push race. I set off in search of a Suitable meeting/starting point and So i came across Hunting Park. This would make the route for the race at 8.5 miles or soo…. This year was Awesome! Thanks to all who came out and supported as well as the people who helped out at the finish line.  Then some people made there way to the Shop….. Gald most people that were from out of town to be able to check out Community. Then we had a Slide Jam at Lemon Hill later on that day, that was a really good turn out!  ……..Until next year…….



Chief Ladiga Silver Comet SK8 challenge may 11th 12th & 13th in Georgia and Alabama (yyyyeeeeeee hhaawwwwwww) HAHAHAHA

Well all i say here is that check out my other Blog entries about this event :-)



June 2nd was Major Stokem 4 in north nj

I was unable to attend this event but big upss to Adam Dabonka, Tom Barnhart, SHRALPERS UNION and Push Culture for helping out with this Event !


June 3rd Push Culture News/Apparel  Hosted NYC 1st annual GreenSkate

The was also in Celebration of Brian & Travis Davenports Birthday. This event I did attended an had a Stellar day with some good Homieezzz !  We Started off with Meeting at Columbus Circle and Skated to Times Square for some Photos. We would be skating to three Skate shops for raffle tickets and meet at Tompkins Square Park. Me and my group of Shralpers then skated to Uncle Funkys in the West village, chilled there for a few mins. Then we Skated to the Longboard Loft NYC on the lower east side. The last stop would Reciprocal Skate Shop, this shop has a pinball arcade…..SSSSIIICCKKK!  We then all eneded up at Tompkins Square Park for the Raffling of SWAG ! As I started to Drink a Kombucha Brooklyn beverage In the rain the SWAG was raffled off and laughs were shared. After the Raffle Myself and JP, Noel of Shralpers Union and Tim MacKenzie of Loaded/Oranatang skated back to the West side to Chill at Uncle Funkys. I ended up buying a rare reissue Powell Peralta Steve Cabalero deck, The shape of the deck is shape I started skating on at the age of 12.! So i was really Stoked to Snag up the Board and will Be setting it up and Shralping the GNAR GNAR with this sick shape !

BIG Thanks to everyone that helped organize NYC 1st greenskate.  I will be hosting Philadelphias 1st annual Greenskate august 26th 2012. I am doing this because skaters/longboarders are not recognized Equally as cyclists are in NYC and other Cities in the USA as well as other Countries around the World ! It is ILLEGAL for a skateboarder/Longboarder to be in the bike lane in the city pf Philadelphia…! WTF………F THAT.. Fight for your Rights…! here is the link to the event for Phillys Greenskate


June 9th was the 1st ever Skateboard race on a Nascar track at POCONO Raceway in The POCONO mountains of Pennsylvania

The Crew from Sector 9 skateboards but on this Amazing one of a kind event. I don’t really know the whole story behind how the event came about but it was a Stellar time ! There was about 60 racers at the event, I was able to get 6th place that day. We raised about $3,000 for Kyle Pettys charity that day ! All I know is that next year this event will be bigger and way better! I will be camping out the event for the weekend. There are some good hiking in some near by state parks nan maybe go bomb some hills……. Who is  down…?!?!?!?!  hit me up nan we can plan this out for next year !



June 16th 2012 was the Central park race in NYC

This was to be the 13th annual Central Park Push Race…….It was an absolute beautiful day in NYC….. I placed 27th out of like 300 skaters or sooo….. The day was Jam packed with fun, Adam Crigler hosted a slide jam at a spot in central park on the upper east side of the park after the Race.  Ian Nichols Received a ticket that day for all the skaters at Columbus Circle, we all pitched in to help him pay for the ticket ! I put in the 1st $5   ……Holllaaaaaa i gotttt 5 on it……

Always Stoked to go Skate this event   ….until next year….


June 23rd & 24th 2012  would be the 1st annual  I LOVE DH (IGSA)  at Windham Mtn in the Catskill Mtns of New York

This event was hosted by Marc Dean and Push Culture.

We had two of our Community/Organic Hogwash Team Riders, Garrett Creamer and Lucas Giannetti Race in the Event. Proud of t=you guys as well As Dylan Baist-Bliss (Switch Skateshop/Organic Hogwash team rider) for Shredding Hard doing work ! I really have not all that much to say other then ,I am looking forward to next year already !



July 7th 2012 NJ slide Jam 8 in north NJ


Tyler Hill is the Chief and Commander of this event. It was really HOTTTTT that day in Philly but up in north nj it was not all that bad.  This would be my birthday celebration weekend ! Kevin Bond,Kyle Mac, Jess (kyles sweetheart) and I went up to the slide jam that day. I Skated hard and did some things i have not done in awhile.  I left the slide jam that day feeling very accomplished for myself and with my skating !Then Kyle Mac and his gf Jess went to see the Dirty Headz play a free show in Philly, we got back to the city just in time to see there set, Good times !  Thanks Again for a Good day All of you !



July 14th was the 1st annual Newark Bomb  in Newark NJ


There was about 70 skaters for this Push race. I placed 7th and Kevin Bond placed 4th. There was a hippie jump afterwards. I went with Dre outlaw and JP to skate a parking Garage, I ended up Rolling my ankle pretty good but pushed threw it !

Thanks for putting on the event Boarder X, it was well much enjoyed !



July 21st would be the 3rd annual Mini BOMB in NYC

Three years ago this event was the day after my bday that year and must say that, This was the day I knew I would always skate for the rest of my life, No matter what !

This year Matt M and Kevin Bond and myself took the BoltBus up to NYC for the day. Matt M and I went out to the BLOCKERY the night before for a concert. Passafire played an awesome show ! I was not feeling 100% due to my head  ringing from the LOUD Music and BEERS the night before HAHAHA  for the day but skated hard !  There was a hippie jump and best trick/line after the race at a local skate spot. The day was enjoyed by many! I will always be Amped on this event !

Big Shout out to Solomon from Bustin Boards/ Longboard loft NYC for Hosting the Event, thanks bro for an Epic day !

I was Getting Pumped on leaving for California in a couple days….. I was thinking of being able to finally Experience Cali for the 1st time !



July 23rd 2102I got on a plane from Newark,NJ to LA

I arrived in LAX airport around 9pm on the 23rd. I would be staying at a good friends house that night that lives in Culver City,CA a suburb of LA. Micheal Poli picked me up from the airport shortly after my arrival in Cali. M.Poli works at Loaded?Oranatang HQ in Culver City,CA. Thanks again Bro for the hospitality ! :-)

My first Full day in Cali……..

I got out of bed around 8:45am or so…. Headed out the door around 9:30am…  I skated to downtown Culver City. I Skated past the Sony production Studios, that was really cool ! Then I started my Skate to Venice Beach…. Went out onto the pier and took some photos an relaxed for a bit. Then skated almost to Santa Monica pier. I casually Skated around Venice for a While… Checked out some Shops and grabbed a Smoothie.. I then Skated to Del Ray and then to El Segundo Beach… I chilled out for a hottt min before I skated back to Venice and back to Culver City. I skated back to Culver City to meet M.Poli, at Loaded/Oranatang HQ…… as he was about to get off work at 5pm. I got to meet Most of the People at Loaded/Orangatang HQ. Everyone was really cool and nice, they were Stoked that i was able to come check them out being that i am in from Philadelphia,PA.  M.Poli and I skated about 12 miles that evening, Which would be at about 30 miles or soo for the day for me ! I did get a lil sunburn my 1st day but i”m coming back to Philly with some Color…

So then since then I have been up in Ventura Beach Chillin/Skating… Soaking in the Pacific ! We had a bonfire on the beach Friday night, It was Legitttt !  but not until the coolest cop i have ever met said we had to put the fire out….It was an Awesome night ! Big Thanks to Kaitlyn Egan of K. EGAN Photography for the hospitality !  Check out her Website, she is an up and coming Action Sports Photographer & Videographer !    :-)


I will be flying  into Philly august 4th early am….. The Philly Shoekill Push Race is Aug 5th 10am ! I’M Ready but not ready to leave Cali just yet….. So I am going to Finish off by saying…..   “California Dreams”  DITTO !

Peace YA’LLL    …..I am going to go lounge out on the Beach……


SEE YA”LLL soon     keep it REAL in PhiLLy





It’s something I’ve heard a few times from non-riders, thinking about getting their first bike that doesn’t have streamers on it. Confidence can take you a long way in life, and a lack of it will take you nowhere. Hopefully that, and this short essay can help you get into a sport/hobby/lifestyle/means of transport that has been such a huge part of my own life.

Why ride a bike? Well, for starters gas is going to break yet another record this year. PPA are the spawn of Satan. Having someone’s stanky armpit in my face on the train is not my favorite way to spend a commute. I’m way more observant while on a bike, as opposed to a car. Walking is overrated. That’s a few reasons why I choose to ride.

First thing’s first, you need a bike. Some good deals can be found on Craigslist, but understand that they are selling the bike for some reason. Sure, maybe they really are moving back to Arkansas, or maybe it’s a P.O.S. Fortunately, bikes are easier to tell if something is wrong, than say…a car. A lap around the block changing gears, squeezing brakes, and making turns should be sufficient to tell if something’s not right. If it feels weird, ask questions, use good judgement. Expect to spend at least $50 on a tune-up. Another alternative is to buy a brand new bike from your local bike shop, cough cough Community. We have bikes starting as low as $300, and will go to the edge of the Earth to make sure you’re satisfied with your new ride.

  Next up is 2 accessories you really should have: a lock and a helmet. I strongly recommend a good quality u-lock over a cheap cable lock that can, and will, be cut in less than 5 seconds. 2 u-locks are even better. If you only have one, I tell people to go through the rear wheel (more expensive to replace), a seat-stay (the part of your frame that runs from your seat to your back wheel), and for the love of Loudog, a stationary object (bike rack, sign post, etc.)! If you have 2, lock your front wheel to your frame. Parts that have a quick-release (no tools needed to remove) are easy picking, I suggest swapping out any quick-release parts for solid nuts and bolts. Nothing in the world is theft proof, but you can’t make it easy for them. As for the helmet, I’d be lying if I told you I always wore mine, but it really is a good idea to wear one, and it can’t hurt the confidence factor either.

You’re ready to ride! Contrary to some people’s beliefs, you have every right to be on (most) roads. Although the number of cyclists continues to grow, a lot of drivers are still not used to them sharing the road. Assume that you are invisible, be the bigger person. People will yell and honk. Who cares, that means they see you, and that’s really what’s important. There are new bike lanes popping up all the time, use them when available. Stay off the sidewalk, its illegal to ride on in many places, you can easily hurt other people, and you give all cyclists a bad rap by doing it.

With that all said, a few more things to look out for: If you see someones silhouette in a parked car, or brake lights are on, be ready for them to open the door or pull out in front of you. If a driver just passed you going the same direction, waved to you, gave you the finger, whatever, you’re still invisible when they slow down to make that next turn right in front of you. Watch out for the trolley tracks! Try to cross them on a steep angle, your wheels can get hung up in them, I’ve been a victim before.

These are just a few examples of situations you will encounter while riding in a city. It really sounds much scarier than it is. Try not to be discouraged by road-raging Escalade drivers, or a few falls here and there. The more you ride, the more your confidence and comfort level will grow! If you are an experienced rider, help someone out, show them the ropes.

Check out our friends at for maps, events and tips.



Retrospec “Beta Series” Single-speed bicycle: $349

Kryptonite U-lock: $35

Triple 8 helmet: $42

I get this question a lot. “Why do you like to longboard so much?” Well, the most common yet true answer would be, why not? Longboarding is not just an activity that I do when I’m bored or another “outside of school activity”. Many people don’t understand the feeling behind longboarding. It’s not just only about fun. It’s not just about being happy.Longboarding is a life style, a passion and a kind of love. Rather if I’m cruising around city, dodging angry Philly driver or bombing down a 50mph hill, it all comes back to being free. Growing up as a weirdo Asian kid that loves to hang out with more elderly people, I noticed one very upsetting fact with the society. It might sound silly that a 16 year old teenager is writing about this, but have you ever had the feeling that your life is like being a robot? Just like the movie Matrix suggested, we are like batteries or robots, wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep, again and again. Longboard gave me a life. It is a life that I can truly enjoy. It’s more than about surviving in your life, it’s about living your life. When I go longboard, nothing goes through my mind beside a pure joy and freedom. To me, longboarding is not about being coolest kid on your block. Longboard is also about love. When I say love, I don’t just mean loving longboarding, but rather the love of other longboarders. I was lucky enough to come across Rob, Earl, Matt, and many many amazing people. Everytime I longboard with them, I don’t feel competition, I feel love.

I’m not here to convince anyone to start longboarding, but rather any other things that you truly love. Be yourself, find what you love, and have fun with it. For me, it’s longboarding, and this is my story. Find your own passion, so you’ll have a story to pass down to your family and friends. Be proud that you walked this earth and didn’t waste your life.

PS, my grammar stinks, I don’t enjoy grammars, I’m trying tho haha!

-JKan the weirdest Asian kid yet?

Photo Credit – Den Sweeney!

how not to get hurt longboarding or biking.
4. wear your helmet, even if you are standing on the board. Who knows, maybe a cat will start charging at you and push the board and cause inertia and make you fall.
6. Wear your gloves, it helps a lot because you can catch yourself without worrying about cutting your hands up. It helps mentally because you won’t hesitate to throw your hands on the floor.
7. Wear pads if you have them, especially for freeride and downhill. Hitting your funny bone against the earth is painful. VERY PAINFUL.

If you are hurt, take these approach.

For minor injuries such as pain on butt cheeks…
1. shake it off…..
2. scream and run around in circles while being weird and throws your hands up in the air sometimes, saying aiiiyo ……

Half serious.
such as a cut, and road rash.

1. Take the time to clean it with water asap, it stinks 50000x more when its infected.
2. Cover it up with a Justin Bieber bandage, it works better.
3. Eat some ice cream if it is summer… it makes you happy.
4. dubstep it away. well any music that hype you up really.

Serious injuries
Broken bone, stitches required, dislocated arm, etc.
1. Do NOT touch it.
2. Get medical help ASAP.
3. If its a big cut that requires stitching, clean it with water, and stop it from bleeding by applying a wet piece of tissue to it. Don’t move it around too much as you want the blood to stick together.
4. If broken bone or dislocated arm/leg/shoulder, don’t apply force to it, let it rest without any load. such as swinging it in circle. No dont do that. Just lay down, NOT ON THE BROKEN PART, and wait for medical help. If it’s extremely serious, don’t even more it, coz its possible to tear something since your arm or whatever is now kept together by your muscles and skin instead of bone. The only exception to not moving is when life is endanger. For example, when person A crashed and broke his ankle, don’t just let person A lay in the middle of the street if person B is charging down 50mph.

MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL, use common sense, and if you dont know what you are doing, don’t help someone or yourself, ask someone that knows.