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Hey guys! Its Hoover chiming in to fill you up with stoke. This past weekend the community crew traveled to Windham, New York to be a part of the I LOVE DH downhill event. Before I get started, thanks goes out to all the guys at Push Culture and Bustin for supporting this great event. Also much thanks to Mark Dean for organizing this jawn.

This is the first time I seriously shot downhill skateboarding, which is odd because I love skating and I love photography. I learned some lessons and pretty much decided I did not shoot enough. BUT WHO CARES, I GOT DRUNK ENOUGH THATS FOR SURE. Here are the shots I liked the most and was sober enough to get in focus. Video of the event will be out within the next few weeks (All shots visible in full size via link).

The first night we got there the parking lot was empty so I played with my flashlight a bit.

Putt game on the mountain was hard.

This was probably the best chill spot. Earthwang!

Conor Reilley leading the pack and throwin deuces on this practice run. Killin it.

M4L! Mids boys brought the party and destroyed the mountain. Check out this raw run with some of the mids crew.


Scoot from amish dh in front as this dude had an interesting bail.

Norm making it through clean.

The Final Four in the beginning of the finals heat.


PRO: 1. Max Ballesteros 2. Niko Desmarais 3. Jonas Richter 4. Will Jah Royce

EXPERT: 1. David Ramirez 2. Eric Chernushenko 3. Francis Bourguignon

LADIES: 1. Emily Pross 2. Cassandra Duchesne 3. Kayla Dunise

I leave you with this beautiful view:





There are only 14 days until all the Christmas things go back into the baby Jesus box… If you haven’t gotten gifts for your bike loving mom/dad/brother/sister whatever here’s a lil something to help and won’t break the bank.

Under $10
Park Tool BO-2 $8

Bike and beer go together like cheese and fries. Help your bike lover drink away the muddy trails with the Park Tool BO-2. This bottle opener is the real deal.

Park Tool Patch Kit $7

Getting flats sucks. But it’s a lot better if you’re prepared and don’t have to walk your bike home 50 blocks in the rain. The Park Tool Patch Kit is a pocket sized solution to fix up those holes. Throw in some Park Tire Levers ($6 for 3) and your bike loving friend will be one step closer to self sufficiency on the road.

Tri Flow Chain Lube $8

Bike chains don’t last forever. But they can feel pretty good for a long time if you take care of them. Tri Flow lube keeps that chain nice and slippery and running great.

Under $20
Park Tool PZT-2 $16

Who doesn’t love pizza? This pizza cutter is ergonomic and sharp enough to cut through the densest pie.

Under $40
Park Tool SS-15 $20

For those that need more than just a bottle opener, the SS-15 also has a 15mm wrench and a tire lever perfect for changing tires on your fixed gear or single speed.

Dang Shades $25

For those that want to look cool. Can’t beat sweet looking specs with polarized lenses for $25

Community Zip Ups $32

Rep the best. Red, green, blue and all sizes.

Hats $24

Hats from Jetty, Deity and Animal. Cover those bald spots and messy hair.

Under $75
Bookman USB rechargeable lights $52

Light up the night. Then recharge while watching Netflix. 3 modes, easy to put on and take off.

Hold Fast Straps $60

Anyone serious about going fast will tell you that foot retention is key. These Hold Fast straps secure your feet to bmx style pedals (like Stole Thermalites for $22) for super powers on the upstrokes and skids.

Freestyle Shark Watches $45+

More colors than you can count and waterproof to deeper than you can swim.

Sanuk Sandals $65+

The most comfortable things you can put on your feet, but don’t call them shoes. Please. Don’t.

So, hopefully this list helped a bit. We have lots more in the shop so don’t be afraid to ask if we have anything. If we don’t we can probably get it… Just for you!

Sup bloggers Its Buck

So this past weekend Myself and a group of the Community Longboard team members packed up the Cars and drove out to El Wood park, somewhere in the middle of freaking nowhere PA. So it was me, Hoover, Hutch, Matty Smith, Sean, Steve Fitz, Earl, and Andrew the moron Intern. We where repping the shop hard. I’m talking business cards in err ones hands and just doing our regular shenanigans like drinking Beer and yelling and getting rowdy. I was situated at the bottom of the DH run, so I could watch everyone eat it on the last turn, and enjoy my cold beverage. Our Community Boys put on a pretty good show for the public, we did ok in the DH competition, not taking away any medals or nothing but as I like to say all the time at the events, We are there to act like a bunch of idiots and promote the shop. The slide jam was pretty nuts, there was a huge Red Bull kicker that made my knee hurt after hitting it going a bit to fast, I nearly flew into a freaking family! Anyways after that I pretty much called it a day and went and boozed up some more until Hoover convinced me to do the DH course. Which after like 8 beers was probably the worst Idea out there. I fell hard a few times and got some pretty tasty scabs on my forearms. But all and All it was a pretty good day.

Thanks to Red Bull and Faceplant boardriders for making the event pretty flipping sweet!

Buck out
Getting ready to ride

me and hutch Killing it drinking a few Brewskies

me and hutch Killing it drinking a few Brewskies

The first stop of the Super Duper Stoked series happened last weekend at Launch Bike Park at Spring Mountain, PA…. and man it was a great event.  We had about 50 riders come out to shred for the gold.  We had some characters appear, such as the Horny Hardtail and Hunter In a Sports Coat.  People were KILLING it.  Check out our photo gallery on facebook of the crazy stuff that went down HERE.  Next stop is at Blue Mountain on Saturday, July 20th.

This weekend begins the Super Duper Stoked series that we’re putting on.  It’s a freeride race/comp/fun ride.  Open runs for 3 hours, extra points for hardtails, style, speed and costumes.

The first day is at Launch Bike Park this Saturday (June 22).  There is free camping with your lift/contest entry ticket.  Get stoked. for more info!

Mike Burton here again LIVE from Community Bikes and Boards here at 712 South 4th street. Today I’m here to talk to you all about a new addition to the long board family here at the shop. The Green Banana Spearhead Cruiser is a small 9 ply cruising deck made by Green Banana Skateboard Company. The Spearhead cruiser is the perfect gift for a kid first starting out on aboard. Also, it is a convenient campus board for the college student who needs to get in between classes quickly, efficiently and in style. Measuring a little over a foot long the Green Banana Spearhead deck is the perfect board for the beginner looking for a small, convenient and greatly priced cruising deck.

Yo Bloggers Its Buck

First off don’t expect this post to have perfect grammar and spelling, I know I am in college but nobody ever said I was good at it

So for any of you skaters looking to check out some new spots in the city, be sure to check out University City Drexel’s campus. Its kind of like the college level in tony hawk pro skater 4…except not quite as rad and there is a decent amount of traffic around.
I am in my 3rd year as a Drexel student and I use my board to commute to and from classes ERRRRR day. I must say that skating on campus is actually pretty bodacious, there are some decent hills in the area that allow you to get up to speed to do some decent slides on to show off to all the hot chicks walking around. Let me rephrase that Hot “college” chicks. Plus all the other kids riding their boards to and from class don’t know anything about slides except what they have seen from the “Loaded” you tube videos. So when you lay one out they are all over your dong trying to learn how to slide.

I know the hills are not like high speed or anything but the best part about university skating is you usually have a decent ammount of people watching you. I mean you all know nothing is more chill than when some random stranger gives your props for hitting a sexy slide and then yells at you saying “Damn dude that was pretty Gnarly!”.

In my opinion the best hills are 34th st, and 33rd. For 34th you start pushing from race street and you pretty much are up to speed by the time you go flying by 711, but be careful that is an intersection altho it is not that busy. As you get closer to market street intersection is Prime time slide zone! But beware of traffic behind you!
For 33rd street you pretty much have the hill starting at 33rd and Arch st. For this hill you will be going into traffic on a one lane road, but the nice part is there is a more than generous bike lane to your left side. This hill is pretty nice for maybe one to two slides and trust me there are plently of pedestrians to watch and gawk at you.

That is about all I can really remember for now, plus im getting kind of bored of writing this

Buck out

Hey everyone this is Michael Burton coming to you LIVE from Community Bikes and Boards Located at 712 south 4th St. in Philadelphia. Today I’d like to take time out to give recognition to a new addition to the Transition Bicycle CO. family here at the shop, the Transition Clunker. Now, when I first pulled up in front of the shop today for work I noticed an oddly shaped mountain bike sitting in front of the shop locked up with the rest of the display bikes. Upon a bit of inspection I noticed that this new bike was none other than the Transition Clunker. Now at first I thought the bike looked a bit weird, with its odd shape, coaster brake and wide cruiser-ish/mountain bike handle bars. Upon entering the shop I was thinking about what to write the daily blog on, Rob offered me a chance to take his Transition Clunker out for a spin. Upon sitting on the bike I noticed how the straitline mountain bike pedals rested wide and comfortably against my feet while providing good grip for strong pedal strokes. As I started cruising down Bainbridge my appreciation for the Transition Clunker grew with each cog rotation and I also liked how I could easily jump from curb to street with little effort. While riding the Clunker I felt like an urban Sam Hill starring in the Philadelphia version of Follow Me. All in all the Transition Clunker is an excellent substitute for a beach cruiser in the city because with its comfortable handlebars, great shape and wide mountain bike tires it can more than handle all the city has to offer.

Until next time; Live, achieve, own your greatness and repeat

Hey this is Mike Burton from Community Bikes and Boards coming at you LIVE from the shop here on 712 South 4th street. Today I’m here to talk to you about local and colloquial State Avenger. About a month ago I was browsing around on the web in search a few basic parts to increase the aesthetic appeal of my State Bicycle CO. Phantom. While watching their commercial advertising there line of Fixed Gear Freestyle Bikes I took a liking to the handle bars and stem used on their FGFS. So, about a week later I came into Community Bikes and Boards and placed an order for the FGFS stem and handlebars from State Bicycle CO. A few days later I came into the shop, gave a fist pound to Rob and a relaxed Jake Kenny posted up on the shop futon handed me my package. On the bus ride home I was almost salivating at the thought of this handle bar and stem combo on my bike. Once I arrived home, dropped my bag and gave a hug to momma Burton I began installing the parts on my bike. Low and behold 30 minutes and one Budos Band album later the parts were installed. As I mounted the bike I almost immediately noticed that with the 50mm FGFS I was afforded greater room to sit up straight on my bike instead of leaning forward slightly while using the stock 90mm State Bicycle CO. stem which allowed me to have a more relaxed ride. Also the black FGFS handle bars looked absolutely stunning in comparison to the flint gray gloss frame and royal purple gloss rims of the State Bicycle CO. Phantom. Finally to ad a little icing on the Fixed Gear cake I cut the “SK” off of a “SKAVENGER” sticker which left me with “AVENGER”. By placing the sticker on the front of the handle bars and using a little creativity I was able to coin the term “State Avenger”. Well hoped this was a good read on this cool and quiet evening, until next time Live, achieve, own your greatness and repeat