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I get this question a lot. “Why do you like to longboard so much?” Well, the most common yet true answer would be, why not? Longboarding is not just an activity that I do when I’m bored or another “outside of school activity”. Many people don’t understand the feeling behind longboarding. It’s not just only about fun. It’s not just about being happy.Longboarding is a life style, a passion and a kind of love. Rather if I’m cruising around city, dodging angry Philly driver or bombing down a 50mph hill, it all comes back to being free. Growing up as a weirdo Asian kid that loves to hang out with more elderly people, I noticed one very upsetting fact with the society. It might sound silly that a 16 year old teenager is writing about this, but have you ever had the feeling that your life is like being a robot? Just like the movie Matrix suggested, we are like batteries or robots, wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep, again and again. Longboard gave me a life. It is a life that I can truly enjoy. It’s more than about surviving in your life, it’s about living your life. When I go longboard, nothing goes through my mind beside a pure joy and freedom. To me, longboarding is not about being coolest kid on your block. Longboard is also about love. When I say love, I don’t just mean loving longboarding, but rather the love of other longboarders. I was lucky enough to come across Rob, Earl, Matt, and many many amazing people. Everytime I longboard with them, I don’t feel competition, I feel love.

I’m not here to convince anyone to start longboarding, but rather any other things that you truly love. Be yourself, find what you love, and have fun with it. For me, it’s longboarding, and this is my story. Find your own passion, so you’ll have a story to pass down to your family and friends. Be proud that you walked this earth and didn’t waste your life.

PS, my grammar stinks, I don’t enjoy grammars, I’m trying tho haha!

-JKan the weirdest Asian kid yet?

Photo Credit – Den Sweeney!